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It has been over 2 months and I still dont have my jerseys! MLBJerseys is a RIP OFF!!

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Jason at is ripping people off!I have e-mailed him 20 times to get my order of $456 and he has never returned my jerseys!

I wish it was something I could do, but ebreything has failed. Dont buy from that site. be more careful then me! The site I found out, was cloned and he ripped a lot of folks off.

It makes you not want to buy on-line stuff any more.

I still want my jerseys however, I keep e-mailing him to see if he will some how respond.I hope this dosent happen to ANYONE else!!

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Purchase a MLB jersey on June 9th from for the Ichiro Jersey as shown in the ad.

They did not send this product, instead sent a Szuki jersey. On June 12th contacted them and explained the situation to their live help person. They asked for the date and purchase number. I provided the information and explained the discrepancy of the item oredered.

They in turn just ignorned me and refused to communicate any further with me. Since then, I have e-mailed a Jason at and also tried mlbjersey @

The latest being July 5th, 2010 with no success.What a Rip-off!!!

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I got ripped off for 132.00 on jerseys never sent, told me they would check for discrepancy and never have gotten back. Ordered in Jan 2011, still waiting.


I have placed two large orders with this company and both times i've had no problems receiving the goods. However I was charged shipping, when it was supposed to be free shipping with orders over $200. :roll


ive got jerseys from there and its perfect


I purchased 2 jerseys. They backordered them but charged me anyway.I asked for a credit back and they said they would credit my account back. It's been a month and haven't seen a credit yet


i have same problem, at least you got a jersey, they took my money and didn't send the goods, they should be blacklisted!

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